To: Potential Gates General Contractors, Inc. Customer

I recently had the opportunity to work with Gates General Contractors, Inc. on a new roof and new siding. My experience was solid and as such, I felt compelled to share with others.

Our roof and siding issues were caused by a rain/hail storm that came through the twin cities in late ’05. It wasn’t hard to see the damage the storm left in its track with holes in my siding and dents in the garage door. Many neighbors also had broken windows. I was amazed at the number of companies (roofing, siding, & window) that descended on the area over the next days/weeks. After talking to a number of companies it became clear (to me) that I lacked any base of knowledge on roof, siding & window repair/replacement to include the proper process to follow for insurance purpose. In this situation it is easy to feel vulnerable. Luckily for me, one of the companies I talked to was Gates General Contractors, Inc. The experience with Gates General Contractors, Inc (from start-to-completion) has been most favorable. A couple of specifics;

Customer Service: From the beginning, the Gates General Contractors, Inc representatives were very helpful. Chris (our sales representative) took the time to walk us through the process. He was extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, patient. I had many questions about the process, roof & siding materials, installation, etc… (most of these questions came up several days/weeks after first contact). Chris was very helpful (especially considering the fact that I didn’t sign on with Gates right away). This same understanding and focus on customer service has played out through the experience of having Gates replace my roof and siding.

Follow up: I was pleased when Bruce Gates (President of Gates General Contractors, Inc.) would call to confirm plans and even stop out for site inspections. I would suggest that Bruce (and company) understand that they are creating a customer relationship that should last indefinitely vs. other companies that appear to be only interested in volume. This too is key when you consider their 10-year workmanship warranty…you want someone you know is going to be around for a long time.

Just some thoughts on my experience that I thought might be helpful. You will have plenty of choices. I’m pleased I choose Gates General Contractors, Inc.

Matthew T.
Vice President of Marketing
Boston Scientific