Dear Bruce,

On July 1, a tornado hit our town of Redwood Falls, MN. Due to the severity of the storm, our condos needed shingles as soon as possible. Everyone in town was scrambling to find contractors to do repairs and roof replacements. A family friend from Bloomington suggested that we contact Gates General Contractors, Inc. in Plymouth. He was familiar with this company and the type of work they did. We called. Within a couple days Bruce Gates and Luis Fraguada were in Redwood Falls to meet with me and to bid on the project. I was impressed with their professionalism and with the portfolio they provided regarding our project.

They guaranteed that they would start the job within a couple of days, and all the units would be completed in eight or nine days. They completed the job as promised. All sixteen unit owners were impressed with how quickly they worked and with how respectful they were in cleaning up each evening.

It was truly a pleasure working with Gates General Contractors, Inc. They did a top quality job!

Mary Ann G.
President, Board of Directors
The Fountains Condos