To: Prospective Gates Roofing and Siding Customers

French Ridge Park Place Homeowner’s Association is a small, self-managed townhouse association consisting of 7 twin homes and 14 families.

In the summer of 2007, a storm with damaging hail hit the Plymouth area and many of our residents experienced damage to their homes. Our insurance agent suggested we contact Bruce Gates for an independent evaluation of the storm damage.

The Gates General Contractors, Inc. personnel examined the buildings and documented the damages we incurred. Bruce met with the Association Board and provided valuable guidance on filing the insurance claim. He represented our interests with the independent adjuster retained by the insurance company.

Once the insurance company adjuster inspected our buildings and reviewed the documentation provided by Gates General Contractors, Inc, we were approved for new roofs on all of our structures, several new window sashes, combing of dented air conditioner fins, and replacement of damaged downspouts.

Gates General Contractors, Inc. made arrangements for all of the necessary repairs and provided detailed explanations and timeframes to the Associate Board. The work was done as scheduled and work crews made every effort to minimize the inconvenience of the homeowners. Debris was cleaned up each day and all workers were very respectful.

The experience and diligence of Gates General Contractors, Inc. made the restoration of our damaged property considerably easier for all concerned.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. You are also welcome to pay us a visit if you want to get a first hand look at the workmanship of the various repaired projects.

Bruce B.
French Ridge Park Place Board Member